Meeting urgent, critical humanitarian needs across the CAR

We work to ensure that we provide safe places where children can go during the day and where the risk is considerably smaller that they are abducted or lured. Education provides a safe place for children.

Contact - Cordaid

Joint response lead

Bernadette Hermans

T: +31 (0) 70 31 36 300

E: bernadette.hermans[@]cordaid.org

About the crisis

The Central African Republic (CAR) was plunged into turmoil at the end of 2012 following a coup by the Seleka rebel group. Violence between various armed groups continued until a political solution to the conflict was negotiated in mid-2015. Long-promised elections were held the following year.


This uneasy peace was broken in September 2016 when clashes between rebel factions broke out in the northern and central regions of the Central African Republic (CAR). These conflicts caused new population movements, both internally and into neighbouring countries. A further 100,000 people became internally displaced over the course of 2016, pushing the total number of IDPs inside CAR towards half a million.


Almost half the country’s population Рsome 2.2 million people Рis currently in urgent need of humanitarian assistance.


The Dutch Relief Alliance Response

The main objective of the Central African Republic Joint Response is to alleviate human suffering through the effective implementation of activities in response to urgent and critical humanitarian needs. Specific actions have been launched in the areas of food security, livelihoods, protection and WASH.


Previous DRA Joint Response programmes inside the Central African Republic have ensured that more than 250,000 people affected by fighting were able to meet their basic food needs. This was done by providing basic and supplementary food to affected populations. We have also reached some 250,000 people through activities designed to boost child protection among local communities.