Impact Report 2018

In the Impact Report 2018 of the Dutch Relief Alliance (DRA), we present an overview of the humanitarian work we delivered in 2018. We responded to eight protracted crises: in Afghanistan, the Central African Republic, Iraq, Nigeria, South Sudan, Syria, Ukraine and Yemen. We also responded to five acute crises: in AfghanistanBangladesh, the Democratic Republic of Congo, the Horn of Africa (Ethiopia and Somalia) and Indonesia. The Impact Report gives brief descriptions of the context, interventions, highlights and lessons learnt of our joint responses. In addition, we report on the achievements of our Integrity Task Force, which was set up in response to the disturbing news about sexual misconduct by humanitarian staff. And we present relevant developments regarding our four strategic priorities: accountability, innovation, collaboration, and localisation. 
In 2018, we offered life-saving and life-sustaining assistance to 3.2 million individuals around the world affected by socio-natural disasters, conflicts, displacement and/or fragility. We have made remarkable progress with respect to localisation. DRA members increasingly work with local partners and also put them in the spotlight. We support local organisations that respond to local needs by boosting their capacities. We continue our humanitarian work and we continue improving that. Please read our Impact Report and come up with suggestions on how to move forward.